The First Choice Protein Supplement for ‘Pregnancy and Lactation’

Whey Protein + DHA + GLA + Essential Pregnancy Micronutrients

Protinvit PL offers Rich protein formula with Gold Standard Whey protein enriched with GLA and DHA. It also offers benefits of essential B-complex and micronutrients. Protinvit PL is available in delicious chocolate flavor.
Protinvit PL is ideal for Pregnancy with Poor nutritional status, pregnancy with Poor weight gain, Multiple pregnancies, post-pregnancy convalescence and during lactation.

*DHA – Docasahexaenoic acid

*GLA – Gama Linoleic Acid

An Ideal Protein supplement for Pregnancy and Lactation

Composition: Whey protein, DHA, GLA, Essential Pregnancy Micronutrients.

Formulation: Protein Powder

Dosage: Place 2-3 tablespoonfuls of Protinvit PL in a glass of cold water or lukewarm milk and stir briskly . Add sugar to taste.

Suitable for: Pregnancy and Lactation

Pack: 200 gm Jar