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Reshape slim is dietary supplement which facilitates weight loss. It blocks fat synthesis and burns the fat while curbing appetite and reduce craving. In addition it increases the rate and efficiency that the body burns fat by increasing thermogenesis (the burning and release of energy)....
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Reshape slim is dietary supplement which facilitates weight loss. It blocks fat synthesis and burns the fat while curbing appetite and reduce craving. In addition it increases the rate and efficiency that the body burns fat by increasing thermogenesis (the burning and release of energy).

2. Why Reshape slim?
Globalization and evolving urbanization trends have introduced a rapid change in lifestyle and dietary habits of people. Consequently, increase in the prevalence of obesity and overweight.
Overweight and obese individuals may develop paradoxical nutritional deficiency from eating high-energy food with poor nutrient contents. Reshape slim provides nutrients that may be inadequate in diets and simultaneously benefits in stimulating weight loss.

3. How does Reshape Slim help in reducing body weight?
Reshape slim contains natural fat burners, whey protein, fiber and vitamins and minerals. Natural fat burners enhance body fat loss, whey protein preserves lean muscle mass and fibers induce satiety (fullness) and decrease consumption of calories. A full complement of vitamins and minerals ensure support for healthy macronutrient metabolism. Thus, ingredients present in reshape slim may work synergistically in weight loss.

4. Which natural fat burners are present in Reshape slim and what is their role in weight reduction?
Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) and Conjugated Linoleic acid (CLA) - are the natural Fat burners. HCA is extracted from dried fruit rind of Garcinia cambogia, a plant native to Southeastern Asia and CLA is obtained from Safflower Oil, a natural source. Both, these fat burner inhibits the fat synthesis.

5. What is the Mode of action of Ingredients of Reshape Slim?
Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) - It is compound that helps in lowering the body weight by completely inhibiting the enzyme adenosine triphosphate- citrate-lyase that converts citrate to coenzyme A. Acetyl coA is a critical building block for synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol and lipid. Thus, Primary mechanism of HCA is believed to involve the inhibition of fat synthesis.
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – Conjugated Linoleic acid exerts specific effects on adipocytes, in particular reducing the lipid uptake into fat cells by inhibiting Lipoprotein lipase and stearoyl-CoA desaturase activities.

Chromium: it improves lipid and glucose metabolism.

Calcium: It has potential to increase fecal fat excretion which could be relevant for prevention of weight (re-)gain.

Panthothenic acid: It facilitates complete catabolism of fatty acids

6. What is the role of fiber in Reshape Slim?
Fibers present in Reshape Slim provide bulk to the food and provides feeling of fullness (satiety) without additional calories. Thus, fiber is helpful in preventing eating too much. It is also effective in improving metabolic profile with several other benefits.

7. What is the ideal dose of Reshape Slim?
The ideal dose is to add 30gm (two measure scoops) of Reshape Slim in approx 100 ml of water. Stir briskly to disperse and consume immediately. Taste better when serve chilled. Reconstitution with milk will provide additional calories. It should be taken half an hour before meal.

8. What are the contraindications of Reshape slim?
Reshape Slim is ideal combination natural fat burners and all essential nutrients. As it is free from steroids and hormones, hence there are no side effects. The only care to be taken is that it should be avoided in nursing/lactating mothers, pregnant women and children as generally weight reduction is not advocated to them.

9. Can it be given to the people with Diabetes?
Yes, Reshape slim is safe for diabetic patients. It has low glycemic index and thus, absolutely safe for the diabetic Patients.

10. Can Reshape Slim is recommended to obese Children?
Generally weight management supplement is not recommended for growing children who are under the age of 18 years of age as it is the period of growth, where children need to eat good nutritious food. However, in specific case of uncontrolled obesity due to sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits Reshape Slim may be recommended to children above 12 years of age. Child must be adequately nourished with right food and must be accompanied with exercise.

11. Can we take Reeshape (capsules) with Reshape Slim?
Yes, Combination of Reeshape (Orlistat) and Reshape Slim may have synergistic action. Together with Reeshape (Orlistat) ensures desired weight reduction with additional benefits of improving diabetic, cardiac and other metabolic parameters whereas Reshape Slim provides natural fat burners along with carbohydrate, protein, fiber, essential vitamins and minerals which aids in ideal weight management program. So, Reshape Slim along with Reeshape may provide better results.

12. Exercise is alone will help to reduce weight therefore is it essential to take Reshape slim?
For weight management caloric restriction and exercise are the vital components. After rigorous exercise daily if you consume diet containing higher calories then it will nullify efforts of reducing weight.
On the contrary Reshape slim which only provides 104 Kcal per serving along with nutrients, aid in weight reduction and improves micronutrient status. Furthermore along with exercise it may give additive effect.

13. Can Reshape Slim be taken as a Meal Replacement Therapy?
Yes, Reshape Slim can also be taken as Meal Replacement therapy. The concept of Meal Replacement supplement is to avoid or skip one meal (Breakfast or lunch or dinner each of which would approximately provide 600-800 calories) and consuming Reshape Slim instead provides only 104 calories.
Reshape slim may be taken as meal replacer for any meal of the day depending on patients schedule and convenience. For better results individual should continue to follow one routine.

14. What should be the recommended diet plan with Reshape Slim?
There is no special diet plan for Reshape slim. However it is recommended that person avoid fatty &oily foods which are rich in cholesterol. Excessive eating can also hamper weight reduction; hence proper food intake is very much essential .Two Scoop (30gm) of Reshape slim which not only ensures optimum weight reduction but also provides all essential vitamins and minerals which are ideal for weight management program.

15.How Reshape Slim should be taken?
Dosage - Add approximately 30gm (two-measure scoops) of Reshape Slim Powder in approx 100 ml water. Stir briskly to disperse and consume immediately half an hour before dinnertime. Taste better when consumed chilled. Reconstitution with milk will provide additional calories.