Neiss Wellness India Limited - NWIL

Neiss Wellness (India) Ltd is one of the best antioxidant companies in India, headquartered in Mumbai. Its growing presence in the nation has recognised NWIL as marketers of natural healthcare products. The nutraceutical brands it markets are unique formulations of organic and herbal ingredients.

NWIL believes in the power of anti-oxidants, which have become the necessities of today. Modern lifestyles have made people vulnerable to unhealthy food habits and excessive stress. Anti-oxidants are the best supplements to negate the harmful effects of these unavoidable circumstances.

The nutraceutical products marketed by Neiss Wellness are luxurious in anti-oxidants. They are composed of ingredients that are their rich sources. This makes NWIL a flourishing anti-oxidant company in India.

NWIL is also the sole marketer in India of My Wish Hub Ltd (MWH), a London-based health and wellness brand. It markets its premium health products.

Leveraging on its rich domain expertise, NWIL has carved a niche for itself in the wellness industry. Its products are one-of-a-kind and best-in-class. We at NWIL set high standards for ourselves, which reflect in our wide range of nutraceutical products.

This range of nutraceuticals cater to every aspect of healthcare. We are constantly seeking to expand our horizons and exploring new business opportunities. We are open to every health product distributors that offers fruitful business tie-ups.

NWIL engages in enthusiastic business, sales and marketing activities with its distributors. So come, join us in our mission to touch the lives of millions of Indians with the benefits of nutraceutical products.

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